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Studies show that as humans age the first thing to go is their brain power as well as their memory. It has been stated that by the age of 50 some humans will lose as much as 30% of their brains functionality. That is a HUGE percentage of brain power to lose at just the age of 50, considering with advances in medicines the expected age for humans is closer to 90.

Doctors and Physicians say that you can use mental exercises or take vitamins like fish oil to increase brain activity once this loss of function begins, however is that enough? Researchers and clinical representatives have been working on a new drug/supplement to combat this loss of brain function, it is called Procera AVH.

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What is Procera AVH?

Provera AVH is a supplement that is intended to increase the functionality of the brain and slow down the rate of brain function loss. Procera is said to help increase the memory, the focus, and even the mood of the individual taken the supplement. Currently Procera is patent pending and has not been evaluated by the FDA yet.

Procera AVH is recommended to be taken once a day to continue to increase brain functionality. It is recommended taking during the morning to allow for an overall successful boost throughout the entire day.

The supplement is said to increase exygen, glucose and Acetylcholine, these hormones are contained inside your brain and are said to be the main hormones responsible for learning, memory, and mood stabilization.

How does it work?


According to study results and chemical reactions, Procera is said to work in a Three Phase System. First the supplement is said to provide more oxygen to your brain cells and “energize” them, thus increasing your memory capacity. Next it is supposed to help multiply cells and chemical reactions in your brain to help you think faster and clearer. Lastly the supplement is supposed to basically shield your brain “so to speak” from toxins and other hormones.

That last statement may be a bit hard to understand so let’s examine it a little bit. A person releases cortisol or norepinephrine when they are stressed out, once these hormones come in contact with the brain they can basically slow it’s production and thought process down. So the supplements in Procera are said to help shield the brain from these types of negatively effecting hormones.

Is the Supplement Safe for Consumption?

Procera AVH uses a specific blend of ingredients and these ingredients have been tested and support by other drug manufacturers for over 20 years. However, the supplement has not been tested and evaluated by the FDA and is still patent pending.

What Ingredients are in Procera AVH?

The supplement Procera AVH uses three major ingredients that have been researched and shown to increase brain functionality; these ingredients have also been used in other supplements for over 20 years.

Acetyl L-Carnitine – This ingredient is said to help “rejuvenate” the mind and help to essentially turn back the hands of time on an aging brain.

Vinpocetine – This ingredient is found in a plant called a periwinkle plant, it is found mostly in Europe. Studies have said that this particular ingredient is used to help treat cognitive brain functions and help improve memory issues.

Huperzine – This ingredient is said to help slow down the aging process for the brain, this ingredient comes from the Chinese Huperzia Moss and is normally only found in Asia.

These three ingredients combined are said to drastically help improve the function of the human brain and slow down the aging process.

Who makes Procera AVH?

According to their website the supplement is made and distributed by Brain Research Labs, LLC which is located in Murfreesboro, TN.  You can look up this company through the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and see they have an overall BBB rating of a “C”.  Also, the BBB has not been able to verify the business and has not received any type of response from the business with multiple attempts.

Pros and Cons of Procera AVH

These types of supplements and drugs can always be hard to review and offer a Pro’s and Con’s section, however there is enough information found on this particular drugs to be able to give a good list of pros as well as cons.


Procera AVH – PROS


    • Company offers a 90 Day Return Policy if you are not satisfied


    • The three main ingredients have all been evaluated by the FDA – (Individually, not all in one product)


    • There are a large amount of Reviews and Testimonials on the Internet


Procera AVH – CONS


    • Overall Product has not been evaluated by FDA


Are there any Known Side Effects to Procera AVH?


Just like with any type of supplement or medication there is always going to be some sort of side effect simply because everyone is different the ingredients may react differently in one person’s system versus another.

How much does Procera AVH Cost?

The cost of the supplement varies and depends upon rather or not you buy one bottle or three bottles. They offer discounts if you purchase more than one bottle. However the breakdown of the prices are located below:


    • 1 Bottle = $59.95 + Shipping and Handling


    • 3 Bottles = $119.95 + Shipping and Handling ($39.95 per bottle)


Shipping and Handling for one bottle is $7.95 and $14.95 if you purchase three bottles. So if you are looking for a long term supply and cheaper options it is best to go with the three bottle option as you are saving $20 per bottle.

Now, overall this supplement has a lot of possibilities included with it considering our mind is one of the first things to go as we age. Therefore, this is a supplement worth trying to help to improve your memory.

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